Precise Sanding Sequences

The second most important factor in how well your hardwood floor finish will wear is how well your floor was sanded. That is why here at Fitzgerald’s Hardwood Floors we follow strict guidelines to sanding your floor always using the correct grit sequence that is best suited for your species of wood floor.


When we talk about grit sequence this is the different types of sandpaper that we use to get your floor flat and smooth. If the correct grit sequences aren’t used to sand your hardwood floor then your floor finish will most certainly prematurely wear.  Sandpaper is made up of basically rocks. In order to get your floor flat or strip off old finish we have to sand with heavier grits (big rocks). When we use these heavier grits, we are putting some deep scratches into your floor. We then have to use finer grits to remove these deep scratches.

The problem with most flooring contractors is they don’t follow the correct grit sequences leaving ridges in your floor when looked at under a magnifying glass. These contractors do this because it takes less time and they use a lot less sand paper. We refuse to be like everyone else and want to provide our clients with the best floor. This is why we take our time to sand your floor properly, ensuring that the floor finish will last as intended.