Proper Subfloor Prep & Installation

So many people think that hardwood flooring is an easier project to tackle and that anyone can do a proper hardwood flooring installation with the right tools. In fact, there is a lot of science and knowledge that is needed to install a hardwood floor properly. Yes, your cousin Joe or even a general contractor can nail some wood to your floor, but the question is how long will that floor last and what will it look like in the future.



Often times the subfloor isn't properly prepared for wood flooring. Think of your subfloor like it is your house foundation. Without a good foundation how long do you think that your house is going to stand? The same applies to the subfloor that is under your wood floors.

Not only is proper subfloor preparation important so is acclimating the wood to its living conditions inside your home. This doesn’t just mean letting the wood sit inside the house. Moisture readings of the subfloor and the wood being installed is what determines whether the wood is ready to be installed. Other important factors are using the correct moisture barrier under the wood floor, different types of fasteners used to nail the floor to the subfloor, whether or not glue is needed (depending upon width of wood floor), correct glue for wood floor installation. Along with many other different factors that go into a proper wood floor installation.


 I could go on all day about this subject but the reality is you are just looking for someone to install your floor and you want it done right the first time. The sad truth is often times we are hired to come in and fix other contractors mistakes and more often then not we have to start all over. Causing you to spend twice as much money and your home being torn apart for longer then necessary. Hiring the right contractor in the beginning will ultimately save you time and money.

Installation wall of shame....


Do yourself a favor and hire a certified professional the first time