Superior Stains & Finishes 

There are so many different types of stains and finishes on the market and like everything else some are better then others. We don’t use any types of stains or finishes that are found inside big box retailers. We have found that a lot of these products do not hold up to the abuse that your wood floors will take over the years. These types of products are more geared toward the DIYers that attempt to do their own floor refinishing.


 We strictly use professional grade products that are usually only found in flooring distributors. These products have been strictly tested for the applications of wood floors. We have also been trained by the manufacturer on every single product that we use, meaning we understand how they work and the best products to use in your specific environment. Having all this knowledge and training is a great asset to our clients because it ensures the best possible floor.

 Every environment and home are different that is why knowing and understanding how the products you are using is very important. That is why when you hire us, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job is getting done correctly with proven products designed specifically for our industry.     

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